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Vimeo is an amazing video platform which holds numerous movies, anime, films and even music shows. Unlike other platforms with the same popularity, Vimeo encourages users to preserve some of their videos within the permissions from authors, but not including many fabulous videos with high-resolution. Do you ever need to download video from Vimeo to access them without internet, bring them to iPad on-the-go, or even watch them on TV with gorgeous visual effects? I am sure that we all have that flash of idea shooting across our minds when using Vimeo.

The Best Way to Download Vimeo online

In order to overcome the restrictions of Vimeo and enjoy your favorite videos at anytime and anywhere, you could use the free Vimeo Downloader online to do so. Whenever you come across an appealing Vimeo video, this application helps you to save it to local drive instantly with no need to learn or install anything. You're empowered to get video clips in three ways:

  • Copy & paste: Surf Vimeo videos on your browser, copy the link of your desired video and paste it to the "Download" field of Vimeo online downloader. After that, simple hit "Download" to pull it off.
  • Search and Download: Navigate to the "Search Video" tab on top menu, you can then utilize the built-in search engine to explore Vimeo videos and download them directly in search results.
  • Raw Recording: Hit "Record Screen" in top menu and then "Start Recording" to capture the playing video on your screen in full motion.
Main Features of Vimeo Downloader

Here are the key features of this sophisticated tool which let you understand it thoroughly.

Free to use without Advertisement

All the services provided by Vimeo Downloader are free. Also, there's no annoying advertisement – you can use the given services with no interruptions.

Essential Video Downloads

You can let your eyes across any videos on Vimeo and well preserve them in lossless quality for various usages. This application performs efficient downloads with optimized speed and can significantly reduce the time for waiting.

Updates on Regular Basis

This application has a regular update every month to ensure it always works for lately released videos. It means that you can always get latest videos with no hassle. As long as I know, this is not available in many similar tools.

Personalized Video Conversions

Not satisfied with merely watching videos offline or accessing to rich playback options provided by desktop player? You're enabled to select from diversified media formats and download your clips in chosen format directly. Here're some recommendations for you:

  • WMV is the most classic video format for using on Windows.
  • MOV was developed by Apple therefore it works for all related systems and devices.
  • MP3 is suggested to retain the sound tracks of a video and enjoy it solely.
  • MP4 is the default option for nearly all portable player devices.

Wide Range of Supported Video Sites

This online service not only includes Vimeo, but also YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe and more than 40 sites. Once you search a video via keywords, it will return correlated results collected from all supported sites. The wide compatibility facilitates you to get videos through multiple sites with ease.

Best Way to Download Vimeo on Desktop

The above solution covers people's crucial requirements on downloading Vimeo videos, but may not deal with more than one video clip at a time. Such is a common case for online downloader – convenient but not productive. In order to overcome this case, here we recommend Vimeo Downloader Capture as an ultimate solution. This robust tool goes advanced and provides multi-thread process from downloading to converting and recording.

Download Guide

The first time you activate the program, you will be asked to define an output directory for placing video files. After that, you can surf Vimeo on your browser, put your mouse cursor above the window of playing video and you will get a Download icon to add it to the download queue. Resuming to the program's interface and you can check the download progress. You just need to wait a few moments before getting them done in indicated output folder.

Conversion Guide

In order to convert Vimeo to MP3 or MP4 so as to enjoy them on portable players, you can copy the link of target video, paste it into the Download field on program's interface, and then hit Download to continue (Allow Java applet to run on your browser if asked). As soon as the program detects the video, you will be given a dialog to configure output settings. You can just choose converting Vimeo to MP4, MP3, MOV or other formats for specific devices. You may convert local files as well, just forward to Convert Video File, import your videos and then click to confirm.

Extreme Features

Moreover, this Vimeo Downloader Software empowers you to record videos as an alternative way to downloading. Also, you can utilize the abundant editing options to touch up videos for better results. Last, there's an additional function for downloading encoded RTMP videos with protection, too.

Best Way to Download Vimeo on Desktop

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